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casual dresses\Every girl can attest to taking hours just to pick out an outfit. Imagine your friends invite you out and you want to wear something casual but nice at the same time. You don’t want to wear sweatpants and a hoodie, but you also don’t want to wear heels and a luxurious dress, so what is the in between? Well thankfully, at Blissfullyyours Boutique, we know how hard this struggle can be, so we have clothing options to fit all styles. At our shop in Tampa, we have beautiful casual dresses that you are sure to love at one of the most exquisite second hand stores.

5 Casual Dresses

Nothing is more annoying when you are going out with your friends and you can’t find an outfit to wear! You want to look nice, but not too nice because after all, you are just hanging out with friends, not going on a date or on a job interview. Anytime you are out, you want to be dressed appropriately. Sweatpants and sweat suits are typically used for working out and sitting around the house. Say you are invited to the movies; what do you wear that isn’t too casual but also isn’t super extravagant. When you’re looking at second-hand stores for casual dresses, you need to check out our dresses at Blissfullyyours Boutique. Some of our dress options include:
    1. Striped woven dress- Our striped woven dress is available in baby blue and white and offers a little sex appeal. The dress is knee length and is open in the front under the breast. Also, the dress offers a unique bow tie style on the front.
    2. Ruffle cold shoulder wrap dress- This beautiful pink dress is stunning and is perfect for a girl’s night out. The dress has layers of ruffles and has a V-neck shape. If you have long legs, this is the perfect dress to show off in.
    3. Red maxi dress- This dress is a statement piece all it’s own with its casual but elegant style and pop of color. The shade of red that is used in this dress is bright and can be accessorized with gorgeous silver jewelry.
    4. Tunic- Our tunic is a more free flowing dress. It comes in a beautiful pink color that you are sure to love. This dress is great if you are planning on doing activities with your friend such as mini golf. It is not too tight and can be worn with a belt if you choose to do so.
    5. Tie dye dress- This green, white, and black dress offers layers of color for a unique design. It is a long, V-neck dress that is great for dinners and can also be worn as a cover-up for the beach!

      How To Make Your Casual Dress Unique

      Our dresses are already unique but if you would like you can add jewelry and accessories. For dresses that are more free flowing, you may benefit from wearing a thin belt. Maxi dresses are worn great with sun hats and all dresses can use a little bling. Depending on what style you are aiming for, accessories can be chosen accordingly.

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