Posted by Patricia Norris

Consignment Shops in TampaHere in Florida, locals are faced with a consistent fashion issue the moment summer hits: how to look and feel stylish amongst the high humidity and sweltering hot days. Tourist only get a smidgen of our sun blazed torture but even they look for fashion relief in hopes of enjoying their summer vacation. But have no fear! Your local consignment shops in Florida are here to save the day from your fashion climate conundrum. Blissfullyyours Boutique offers this season’s latest and greatest in summer rompers. This fashion trend is sure to leave you feeling comfortable and stylish under the Florida sun and we’re the shop delivering the merchandise!

Why Rompers Are In?

Rompers first made their introduction into American fashion in the early 1900’s. They became very popular in the 20’s and 70’s due to their fun natured design. Modeled as a fusion between onesies, overalls, and childhood jumpers, this hybrid design left earlier generations feeling fun and feminine during the summers heat. Known as the “go-to-play” clothes of the 20th century, these delightful suits are making a come-back once again in the 21st century. Now more than ever, rompers are being designed to fit all occasions. People are looking for that fashion forward look that leaves their attire flexible to fit any circumstance yet allowing them to feel beautiful at the same time. Rompers make a nice swimsuit cover up, the perfect ensemble for a flirty first date, a relaxing adornment for any chill situation, and a fun business casual look. Dress it up or dress it down, Blissfullyyours Boutique is one of the top consignment shops in Florida to offer you some of the best varieties of summer rompers this season.


How to Make a Romper Work for You

Picking an outfit that is right for your body type is always a key component in choosing a fashion style. Thankfully, rompers are so versatile that they can fit any person’s shape. Rompers come in a variety of materials from form fitting to flowy. If you’re feeling less confident, accessorize with belts or jackets to accentuate or cover up the areas you feel need attention. Rompers are also a nice seasonal transition item to add to your wardrobe in the spring and fall. Jackets give you the extra warmth needed during the morning hours and breezy nights but can be removed during the heat of the day. Add tights underneath your romper for a little extra ‘umph’ or a lightweight poncho for unpredictable weather. Regardless of your concerns, our experts can make you look good in a romper. We offer a various selection of prints, colors, styles, fabrics, and sleeve/pant lengths to provide you with the perfect fit.


Browse Our Selection

If you’re ever in the area, stop by our store (we are one of the top consignment shops in Florida) to view the newest merchandise in stock. If you’re out of state or miss our area on your next vacation, check out our inventory online! We can be your fashionista to make you the hippest chic around. Give us a call at (813) 968-5343 or contact us at