Posted by Patricia Norris

consignment shop in tampaDon't you love to finish off your outfit with the “perfect” piece of jewelry that will make you stand out in the crowd and be the subject of “ohs and ahs”? And don't you want that necklace to be different than what everyone else is wearing so you can be sure to stand out in any crowd?


Where to Go?

That desire to be unique but not have to spend a fortune should lead you to an excellent consignment shop such as our Blissfullyyours Boutique and its gently used, high-quality, luxury brand jewelry. Owner Patricia (Patty) Norris herself is a jewelry designer of outstanding original pieces that feature gems, precious metals, and pearls. The shop also carries vintage items and other handcrafted jewelry as well as many sterling silver pieces, with each piece of fine jewelry being appraised and certified.


Choker Necklaces

A popular style is the choker necklace. You can purchase a variety of different and creative designs to enhance your wardrobe, whether you wear something dressy and stylish for a special formal event such as a wedding, class reunion,prom or just to go out in casual attire.


Choker necklaces sit on the neck beautifully and can be styled in a multitude of ways that are unique and very pretty.


The material can be gold or silver chain, leather, lace, 100 percent Acrylic, 100 percent Polyester. Other fabrics may include, metal, suede, or even jean denim.


Added to a wide variety of colors and patterns, the embellishments can be of an endless choice and include such items as crystal beads at the ends, rhinestones throughout, natural stones, gold or silver charms, bows, small pins, or other very creative ideas.


Selective and Luxury Brands

Our Blissfullyyours Boutique is a consignment shop that prides itself on being very selective when deciding what selections we will offer to our customers. When it began as a start-up consignment shop, owner, Patty, made sure to depict her love of women's fashion.


Awards and More

The shop received the award for Best Consignment Shop in Tampa in 2015, and has been a proud member of Caba, which boasts over 4,000 consignors, for more than seven years. We have also put on several fashion shows illuminating the current trends at that time.  


Our Motto

“High-End fashion at a FRACTION of the cost!!!" is what we live by to ensure you can find the best bargains around. Imagine being able to wear jewelry by Chanel, Dior, Gucci, J. Crew, Prada, Michael Kors, Ann Taylor, Isabella Fiore, Louis Vuitton, and other big names. Imagine no more, you can obtain such jewelry from these luxury brands for a fraction of the original price at our shop.


Come Into Our Consignment Shop!

Come into our Consignment Shop in Tampa to see and try on pieces from our ever-changing inventory that is sure to delight you. It is our goal to offer handcrafted and luxury brand name pieces that are unique and are indeed one of a kind. Contact us today!