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sequin dressWhen people hear the word shopping, they either jump up in excitement or make a loud groaning noise. Either way, you have to visit one of the best boutiques in Tampa. Blissfullyyours Boutique offers really amazing clothing options that are exceptional to anyone’s eye. A lot of times when people are shopping, they shop because they need something specific but there are a handful of people who shop just to shop! Whichever description fits you better, our selection of clothes are to die for. We have floral dresses, solid colors that will make you pop, and even a beautiful sequin dress!

Sequin Dress

Walking into our boutique, you will be amazed. We have a variety of different styles to fit the wants of our customers. One of the choices we offer is a sequin dress. When you see this dress, your jaw will drop in awe. The detailing on the dress is gorgeous, words don’t even do it justice. Whether you have been looking for something to wear to an event where you have to dress up or you are just looking for head turning, exclusive clothing options, our sequin dress is perfect for you. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right dress. You end up trying on so many and liking only one or two if you are lucky. At one of the best boutiques in Tampa, you will always be lucky!

Tips For Wearing Sequin Dresses

There is a lot more to think about than just looking at a dress and liking it. You have to consider how it will fit and what event you will wear it to. Some tips for wearing a sequin dress are:

    1. Choose a dress with a simple cut. The sequins will make a big statement and they are the star of the dress. You do not want to take away from the sequins and you also don’t want a dress that looks too cluttered.
    2. Make sure the dress is long enough. It’s okay to wear a mini dress but make sure you can sit down without worrying.
    3. Find a sequin dress that fits your frame! It’s okay to buy a dress that hangs a little off of your back but remember, people will be staring at your sequin dress so make sure it looks flattering!
    4. Stick to one color only! If you want a dress covered entirely in sequins, choose only one color. Multiple colors can turn your dress into an eye sore.
    5. A sequin dress doesn’t have to be all sparkle. Dresses with sequin accents are trendy and gorgeous.

    A few other things to keep in mind include pairing your dress with solid colors and keeping your footwear simple. Do not become so excited that you start choosing multiple colors and patterns for your outfit because it will just look overwhelming. If you’re going to layer the dress, wear a sleek coat or jacket.

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