Posted by Patricia Norris

Online Boutique TampaHere at Blissfullyyours Boutique in Tampa, we pride ourselves as being the trendiest consignment shop around town. We do our best to pick and choose the most wanted styles that come into our shop, and provide the most convenient shopping experience through our store and online boutique. When deciding what to offer our fashion minded shoppers, we take into consideration what was then and what is now. It doesn’t take a fashionista to know that fashion history repeats itself. While each era has it’s own trends, there are some that recycle themselves over and over again. We know that some desire those antique looks while others may be searching for their most updated versions. When it comes to chokers, we offer a variety of styles to satisfy your wardrobe flare. 

Don’t Let Your Choker Make You Look Like a Joker

The queen of hearts was on her game when dressing for court. Why should it be any different for you? Don’t let lingering stares make you the joker when accessorizing. Whether you’re the queen of city court or the maid in waiting at the grocery store, we have the goods for you.


When starting out, it’s good tto find a choker that fits in with your traditional wear. We can help you find one that will complement multiple outfits. Solid bands come in all sorts of colors and prints and can dress up, dress down, or coordinate a certain look.


This summer a nice pop of bling can easily round out your outfit and tie together those trendy thong sandals. A solid gold or silver band can do the trick. However, you’re not stuck to solid bands. A chain is nice for many reasons. Chains may match how other accessories lay on your figure and have the ability to include charms, beads, and other mementos. In addition, longer chains may be doubled up to turn into a bracelet or length may be added to it to turn it into a necklace.


If you’re more of a traditional kind of gal try a lace choker to dress up a plain blouse or simple dress. Our online boutique offers large and medium width lace chokers in a variety of colors to suit your fancy. If you’re more into neons and vibrant colors, you may want to check this selection out to tame down and round out your look.


Don’t forget that bow tie chokers are all the rage right now. They come in all material types of which we offer on our online boutique. Bow ties consist of thin cords which wrap around your neck, reminiscent to a ballerina wrap and tie together into a sweet, flirty bow.


Your One Stop Shop for Chokers


Contact us on our online boutique! Pop in to see our newest selections and deals. If you’re unsure of a certain look, need help accessorizing an outfit, or just want to brainstorm your future wardrobe, come on down and say hello to our lovely staff. Let Blissfullyyours Boutique in Tampa be your one stop fashion shop.